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Why HomeGuru?

Save Money

Did you know that by the time a home improvement company has estimated your project they have already invested on average over $1,000? Marketing costs, telephone support, travel time, measurements, design options, and bidding calculations all add up.

HomeGuru helps to streamline this process, and the savings are passed on to you with our exclusive rates and discounts.

Save Time

Getting bids and in-home estimates from the wrong companies can eat up a ton of valuable time. We make sure you only spend time on specialists that are a great match for your project.

No Pressure

Not ready to set an in-home estimate? That’s where we come in. Our home improvement professionals will review your project and discuss it with you with no sales pressure.

Featured Specialists

We carefully vet all specialists by visiting job sites, checking public records, and aggregating customer reviews.


Cabinets, countertops, refacing


Remodeling, conversions, replacements


Floors, windows, shutters, painting


Patios, hardscapes, fencing

About HomeGuru

We set out to fix the way people find local professionals.

HomeGuru was started in Venice, CA by a team with over 10 years experience in home improvement. There are plenty of sites that let you search through lists of people, but when you’re taking on a remodeling project you might not know what you’re getting until you’ve already spent a ton of money and weeks have gone by. We establish ongoing relationships with everyone we recommend, visit their job sites and follow up with customers throughout the process to make sure we only represent the best.

Finding the right people is hard. We do the work for you.

Carefully Vetted

Our team of HomeGurus take the time to carefully vet every one of our local specialists, visiting job sites, and interviewing customers. We use our years of experience in Southern California to help you find the right people for free.

Fully Specialized

Save time and money by working with the right specialist for each job. Before going through a general contractor talk to one of our HomeGuru professionals who can match you with the exact right people for your project.

Complete Reviews

HomeGuru's combined review score gives you a full view of each specialist's reputation.

We collect ratings from all the top review sites, updated daily, for the most accurate rating possible.

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